Buenas Noches From Guatemala

Charles Bryant

Hello folks, or more appropriately... Buenas Noches! Yes, team SYSK is south of the border as we speak. Way south. So far south that I'm in a hotel watching a Spanish language episode of Seinfeld.

Our day -- we landed in Guatemala City at about mid-day and after a little cambio action headed to the hotel. After a mini-tour of the few blocks surrounding the Radisson, Josh, Jeri and I hit a cafe for a little local brew (Gallos) and some initial brainstorming and recording. We recorded our initial thoughts on the country as we walked the streets, a far cry from the cubicle-based existence that we ordinarily lead.

Once evening hit, we met up with our tour group and went to dinner at a local spot that seemed like something out of Epcot Center, except that it's authentic. The food was great -- I had a pork dish with some black beans and rice, Josh had a chicken and pork soup that was orange and Jeri had a chicken soup that was green. A little guacamole with some handmade tortillas and a delicious flan dessert, and all was well.

We got an amazing run down of the operation from Joe, one of the CoEd employees, who also happened to be a former history major. This meant that Joe laid down some serious information, not only about the CoEd program (which is amazing) but the fascinating history of Guatemala as well. It was a great dinner and awesome learning experience. I feel like I soaked up more about Guatemala over the course of a couple of hours (and a few Gallos) than I ever knew in my whole life. The history and culture here is really interesting and we can't wait to lay it all out for everyone with the podcasts.

Tomorrow we head out about three hours from Guatemala City to meet some of the indigenous people, of Mayan descent, and we couldn't be more excited. We're getting our Central American sea legs and looking forward to participating in the CoEd's program. More on that later. Internet is going to be a little spotty, but we'll do what we can to keep everyone updated. It's now about 11 pm -- that means this little podcaster needs to hit the sack. Buenas noches, folks.