BREAKING NEWS: Naked Man Rescued After Niagara Falls Plunge

Charles Bryant

This just in -- an American man believed to be between 35 and 40 years old was rescued from the frigid waters below Niagara Falls at 2:15 pm on Wednesday afternoon. And he was naked. The man allegedly took the plunge into Horseshoe Falls without any kind of protection, which makes him only the second person to do so and live. Josh and I did a podcast on this very topic about three weeks ago and got a lot of good listener mail regarding the topic.

He remains unidentified for the time being, but I'll be updating the post as more details become available. It looks like he went over on his own accord and while he was pulled from the water without clothes on, he was allegedly wearing them when he went in. Apparently it's possible for the whirl of the water to be so violent that it tears your clothes from your body. He's being treated in the hospital now, and an investigation has been launched.

Check back for more details in the coming days.

UPDATED: MSNBC now reports that the man refused help from the water at first. More to come.

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