Belly Button Lint Exposed!

Charles Bryant

If you have a hairy belly, then you're familiar with the fun of belly button fluff. Most people probably think that this lint is just tiny bits of cotton collected in the navel from the clothes they wear. Well, that's partially true. But an article last week in the London Telegraph reveals that belly button fluff is a little more complicated than that.

A chemist spent three years studying his own navel fluff as well as talking to other people about their own. He found that while it's largely cotton lint, it also contains fat, sweat, dust and dead skin. The small hairs around the navel curve inward and act like tiny hooks, pulling in the funky concoction to lay at rest in the belly of your belly. How's that for some Monday water cooler talk?

Another Australian study of more than 5,000 men stated that the typical navel fluff producer was 'a slightly overweight middle-aged male with a hairy abdomen'. Something to think about men as you contemplate your existence today. If you want to rid yourself of the furry friend, you can try dropping some weight or take the easy way out and shave your stomach.

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