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Kent Clinkenbeard Kent’s Kwirkz: Mom’s Cooking

Hey guys! It’s your old pal Kent, with more of my blog, “Kent’s Kwirkz.” I’ve mentioned Mom quite a bit in previous blog entries, but I’ve really just scratched the surface. She’s got tons of accomplishments (former sideshow contortionist, state

Marcus Taylor NASA SCHMASA

Since its inception in October of 1958 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (otherwise known as NASA) has been accused of an endless number of conspiracies. From the moon landing being faked to the UFO cover-up at Roswell, I’ve heard

Steve Steiner Let’s Put a Man on Mars

Josh and Chuck often accuse me of being “anti-intellectual” and “anti-science” and “a witch burner.” The last one has some basis, but I actually enjoy science and innovation more than they give me credit for. After all, where would the

Kent Clinkenbeard Kent’s Kwirkz: Freaky Dreams

Hi guys, it’s me, HSW intern Kent Clinkenbeard, with my award-winning (hopefully, someday!) blog, “Kent’s Kwirkz”! I hope I’m not late with this—I haven’t been sleeping too well lately. When I do sleep, I’ve been having really freaky dreams. I

Marcus Taylor Seeds of Doubt

As I awoke, covered in cold sweat, I could feel myself instinctively clinging to an ethereal dream world as it slid away into my subconscious. I scrambled for my bedside journal as fast as I could, in the hopes of

Steve Steiner Reducing Costs

Here at HowStuffWorks, we operate on a razor-thin budget. Razor. Thin. We’re comically underfunded. Like Coming to America-level comically underfunded. We have to cut corners and we have to make do with what we have. We don’t have funding for

Jeri Trust Issues

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about trust. Trust is the foundation of any true friendship.  I think we can all agree on that!  But I would also say that trust is the foundation of any great workplace, and I might

Steve Steiner Consider Yourself Lucky

Corporations, in theory, are supposed to tell employees when they’re being filmed and recorded. Sure. Ethics, yada, yada, yada. I guess we should tell them, but then how would we shake out the violators? Honestly, maybe we are breaking “laws,”

Kent Clinkenbeard Kent’s Kwirkz: Codebreakers

Time again for another exciting edition of “Kent’s Kwirkz,” featuring me, unpaid HSW intern Kent Clinkenbeard! Only today’s blog is a very special one, focusing on the topic of (dramatic pause) secret codes! Oh yes, readers, get ready for action

Marcus Taylor Liar, Liar, Polygraph on Fire

I recently had the great fortune to find in my possession a polygraph, otherwise known as … a lie detector. Personally, I had long dreamt of the day that I could wield a machine whose only output was truth.  Unfortunately,

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