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This Custom of Customs

 This Custom of Customs

Customs may be a pain when you're traveling, but it's a necessary instrument the government uses to regulate trade. Your passport please? See more »

Chuck's Movie Reviews: Pacific Rim

 Chuck's Movie Reviews: Pacific Rim

Chuck's movie review of Pacific Rim. See more »

SYSK New York Trip

 SYSK New York Trip

Join in for a photo tour of Josh and Chuck's recent trip to New York for their first-ever talk show appearance! See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Those Sneaky Counterfeiting Twins

Hello there, folks. Hope everyone had a good enough week in your neck of the galaxy. This week was a little different because Joshers is in Japan. That means no recording and a little extra time on my hands, which I've spent playing around with you kooks on Facebook. Who knew how much fun it would be swapping stories and such? See more »

 T-Shirt Contest - The Real One!

Hey there, folks. So we kind of jumped the gun with the t-shirt contest - go figure. We get excited sometimes, you understand. Well, now it has officially begun in earnest. I'll post a link below with the official long list of rules, but here are a few of the particulars... See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Stealing Lego Art

Good gravy, fine folks of the SYSK Army. It's been another crazy week here at HQ. That makes two in a row. I don't know if my old bones can take much more of this. My air conditioning is broken right as it started to get hot and muggy - that's kind of how that works though, right? And now I have to duke it out with the HVAC company because of the bill I don't think I should pay. They're holding me hostage and preying on my sweating problem! Here's some advice from your Uncle Chuck -- forget what everyone says about owning a home as a good investment. Find a decent landlord and rent for life. Moving on... See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Cliff Diving Geniuses

Oy vey. I got up early this morning and wrote what I thought was a pretty stellar podcast recap for you fine folks. We have a booger of a show to record later today so I made sure I got up EXTRA early to get the recap done so I could spend my day prepping. Thank you, Wordpress for deleting the entire post before I could get it published. Ugh. In protest, I'm not going to try to recreate the genius that was that post. Let's just get down and dirty and leave it to the excellent comments to save my bacon. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: PAIN - Yours, Others and Everything in Between

Holy mackerel, people. What a crazy week it's been here at the SYSK HQ. I can't get into everything here, but let's just say it's been an exciting and terrifying time here for team SYSK. Don't worry, nothing bad is going down, but there's been a flurry of activity on all fronts. I love these weeks - it sure beats being bored! One of the things going is the new launch of our Facebook and Twitter pages. I assume most of you visiting us here have signed up there, but if not please do. We're having a good time interacting with everyone. Like we always say, the SYSK Army is the finest collection of people who have never met. Search Stuff You Should Know on Facebook and become a fan. You can follow our crazy Twitter feed @SYSKPodcast. Moving on... See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Desertification and Zoos

Hi there, friends. Chuck here with the weekly podcast wrap-up. Since I typically start off with a little bit of what kind of things are going on in Atlanta meteor-logically speaking, let me just say that we've been awash in a sea of pollen. Anyone from the South can identify, I'm not sure what it's like elsewhere. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Hiccups at Mickey D's

Sorry I'm a little late here on the podcast roundup, folks. Yesterday was a rough one and I was lucky to make it out of the office in one piece. How's everyone out there doing this week/weekend? Things are looking up here in Atlanta and after a lovely morning walk with the wife and dogs, here we are with another edition of podcast goodness. See more »