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How Gold Works

Over the course of history, humanity has only mined 161,00 metric tons of gold. Considering about 85 percent of gold is recycled, there’s a chance your jewelry may once have been part of an Incan headdress or Mycenaean face mask. Listen in to learn more. See more »

Fecal Transplants: You Gonna Drink That Poop?

Medical ecology is concerned with understanding how microbes living inside us keep us healthy. The field’s first breakthrough is the fecal transplant, moving poop from a healthy person and into the gut of a sick person. It’s a real thing, and it works. See more »

How the Frick Fracking Works

Fracking, the process of breaking trapped resources like natural gas and oil from shale, has led to a revolution in energy production in the U.S. It’s also given rise to increasing worries that the process can have sweeping environmental impacts. See more »