Appreciating Schmaltz: Roger Williams' For Your Eyes Only

Listen to this wondrous rendition of the theme song to the James Bond movie.

Appreciating Schmaltz: Marvin Hamlisch's Ride to Atlantis

Josh loves music that seems to make other people uncomfortable. Here's a recent example.

Appreciating Schmaltz: David Rose's Where is the Love

David Rose took a 1970s easy listening hit and gooified it. He should be honored for it.

Appreciating Schmaltz: Don Ho's Little Grass Shack

Don Ho was a pretty great entertainer. Get to know him a little better right here.

Appreciating Schmaltz: Richard Clayderman's Nadia's Theme

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Appreciating Schmaltz: George Michael's Careless Whisper

Even George Michael isn't immune from creating schmaltz with Careless Whisper. Check out this post about Careless Whisper, okay?

Appreciating Schmaltz: Fatback Band's Groovy Kind of Day

Even funk band Fatback created schmaltz. Check out this post about the Fatback song Groovy Kind of Day.

Appreciating Schmaltz: Les Baxter's Jungle Flower

Les Baxter is a pioneer of the lounge music known as exotica. Read about Les Baxter in this blog post from Stuff You Should Know.

Appreciating Schmaltz: Percy Faith's Ebb Tide

Percy Faith takes on Ebb Tide. Read about Percy Faith's performance of Ebb Tide in this post from Stuff You Should Know.

Appreciating Schmaltz: John Fox Orchestra's Make it With You

The John Fox Orchestra performs Bread's "Make It With You." Read about the John Fox Orchestra and Bread in this post from SYSK.