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 The Science of Scotch Whisky!

Cool article here from Popular Science, a great site if you haven't checked it out. A "friend" of the Web site decided to separate scotch whiskey into it's different components so he could taste the individual notes. Pretty cool if you ask me, but how would you do such a thing you ask? They cranked up an evaporator that "uses a process of vacuum distillation at room temperature to separate liquids based on their relative volatility." See more »

 JFK and UFOs

Hey there, folks. Recently we did a live podcast at the SXSW Interactive Festival in lovely Austin, Texas. it was our first live gig so we decided to do something that most people probably find pretty fascinating -- UFOs. I made a remark that I believed that there is intelligent life somewhere else aside from planet Earth. Since then I've gotten a lot of guff in email and on the Facebook page from skeptics. They all generally send the same quotes from the same people with the familiar refrain that the burden of proof is on me, the believer. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Molecular Gastronomy Exploited!

Hello, friends. Chuck here with a little podcast goodness recap. This week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program we discussed a couple of pretty interesting topics, and neither fits a category that we've ever really hit before -- cooking and movies. We certainly reference movies a lot, but we've never dedicated a show to them. I digress. See more »

 Indoor Parkour Facility Opens

Those of you who have listened to the podcast know how AWESOME I think parkour is. If you don't know what it is, it's part running, part gymnastics with a bit of martial arts thrown in. Sort of. It's also called "free-running" and been featured in a number of movies, most notably the James Bond flick "Casino Royale." It's pretty much a foot chase on steroids -- flipping over, under and around obstacles is the name of the game. And it also seems like keeping the forward movement going is where the real art of it comes into play. Stopping at a wall to figure out how to scale it and where to go next is poor form, as I understand it. See more »

 American Government Avoids Shutdown

So over the weekend the United States government managed to avoid shutting down and putting roughly 800,000 people on a forced furlough. National Parks are open and people are able to get their home loans pushed through, their medicare sorted and the military won't see any delay in their paychecks arriving. Hooray. I know I'm not the only one who was slightly rubbed at the notion of the government shutting down because of the typical partisan bickering that seems to dominate in D.C. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: LIVE FROM SXSW, IT'S UFOS!

Hey there, SYSK Army! This week we released our first ever LIVE podcast, and let me tell you it was a lot of fun. A few weeks ago, as many of you know, we (including Jeri) traveled to Austin, Texas for their awesome and popular South By Southwest (SXSW) interactive festival. We were invited to podcast live at the historic, possibly haunted, and definitely awesome Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. This place was really lovely and it was a real treat and honor to be on the bill. See more »

 First Full Face Transplant in the United States

We did a podcast some time ago about face transplants. Medical science is pretty remarkable these days and I think the episode really highlighted some of the breakthroughs in facial reconstruction, or in this case, full transplant. At the time, there had only been one such operation performed - for a French woman who lost her face due to a very unfortunate incident with her dog. It was pretty disturbing to say the least and we heard from a lot of you who had a hard time getting through the episode. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Dumpster Diving!

Have you ever seen someone rummaging through a dumpster in your large city and wondered, "hey, what in the world is that dude doing in that dumpster?" Well, this week on the Stuff You Should Know podcast program we got down to the bottom of that query. Sure, there could be lots of reasons why someone would dumpster dive, but the one we went with for the sake of the show was the notion that this person may be something called a "freegan." See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Mummies

Hello there, folks. Thanks for stopping by the blog for a little podcast goodness -- your chance to converse and fellowship with other listeners about all things SYSK. On Tuesday's show, we covered a topic I've been meaning to get to for a while now -- mummies. I'm a long time fan of the mummy, personally. From movies when I was a kid, to the shows where adventurers crack open the tombs to find real mummies, I've always been into it. So this episode was a great chance for me to learn things I never knew about the famous "wrapped-in-bandages" human beings. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Cults

Hey there, podcast fans. I hope everyone has had a stellar week so far. It's time for a little podcast recap -- a chance for you to discuss what you think about this week's shows. Tuesday we released the long awaited cults episode. This goes pretty well as a one two punch with the episode on brainwashing we did quite a while ago. We learned all about how cults operate, how they recruit and a bit on what would make a person want to join a cult in the first place. Turns out there are some desperate folks out there looking for answers. We also hit a bit on how to exit a cult, from the forced kidnappings and deprogramming that has happened to the no kidnapping, let's just get them out nicely and reprogram kind of thing. See more »