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What's the deal with controlled burns?

 What's the deal with controlled burns?

Starting a fire to prevent fire seems counterintuitive, but it makes a lot of sense once you understand it. But controlled burns aren't just to help prevent forest fires. They're also a vital part of keeping the local ecosystem healthy and thriving. Learn all about how controlled burns work right here, right now. See more »

 Tower of Nests: The Smelly Apartment of the Future

If you've ever wanted to step out on the balcony of your ¥3300-a-month high-rise apartment in downtown Shanghai and inhale deeply the smell of bird poop right next to your face and maybe get a wasp caught in your hair, then, mister, are you going to be happy with this post. As a web log posting on Design Addict tells it, the people at Swedish firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have designed a green high rise that tackles the issue of balancing urban density and nature in the same spot. See more »

 Florida Overrun With Killer Pythons

OK, so maybe the headline is a bit sensational. But Florida is having quite a python problem. A 14-footer was found in a storm drain yesterday in Bradenton, FL and a toddler was killed by a python north of Orlando in early July. See more »