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 Tower of Nests: The Smelly Apartment of the Future

If you've ever wanted to step out on the balcony of your ¥3300-a-month high-rise apartment in downtown Shanghai and inhale deeply the smell of bird poop right next to your face and maybe get a wasp caught in your hair, then, mister, are you going to be happy with this post. As a web log posting on Design Addict tells it, the people at Swedish firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have designed a green high rise that tackles the issue of balancing urban density and nature in the same spot. See more »

 Public Design: That bridge is putting you in a bad mood

Sometimes what will surely be dull turns out to be entralling, (which, as we've learned, is a word derived from the Old Norse word thrall, or slave), as was the case when we recorded a podcast on urban planning. We were surprised to learn the topic was of great interest. It also landed SYSK a copy of Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City, which proves the converse of what the urban planning podcast did and may end up being one of those rare subjects where the movie is better than the book. See more »

 The poor in Oceania get cool, functional design

If you ever find yourself down and out in East Timor or the Marshall Islands, look for this gigantic structure and you'll know you've found a place with food and water. The people over at DesignAddict posted a cool article about a new communal shelter by Australian designer Esan Rahmani. The structure is made entirely of bamboo, which was a good choice by Rahmani, since it was designed for impoverished groups in the Pacific Rim, where bamboo grows aplenty. See more »

 We Got your Winners of the Stuff You Should Know T-shirt Contest Right Here

The t-shirt contest has been going on for so long, that it's come to feel like a recurring character on the podcast; like Jeri or the fight or flight response or my speech impediment. We first announced it several months ago, it went on hiatus and then was relaunched triumphantly (and within legal guidelines). And now, it's time to announce the five winners of the first-ever Stuff You Should Know T-Shirt Design Contest! See more »

 T-Shirt Contest - The Real One!

Hey there, folks. So we kind of jumped the gun with the t-shirt contest - go figure. We get excited sometimes, you understand. Well, now it has officially begun in earnest. I'll post a link below with the official long list of rules, but here are a few of the particulars... See more »