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The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

 The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Every week Josh and Chuck read tons of articles and some of them are pretty great. Here are the best of the bunch. See more »

 Tower of Nests: The Smelly Apartment of the Future

If you've ever wanted to step out on the balcony of your ¥3300-a-month high-rise apartment in downtown Shanghai and inhale deeply the smell of bird poop right next to your face and maybe get a wasp caught in your hair, then, mister, are you going to be happy with this post. As a web log posting on Design Addict tells it, the people at Swedish firm Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture have designed a green high rise that tackles the issue of balancing urban density and nature in the same spot. See more »

 In Search of the World's Oldest Beer (Again)

Being a renowned professional taster would have its perks, especially anytime a shipwreck with old beer is discovered. Four such lucky ducks recently had the chance to try what is thought to be the world's oldest drinkable beer after an early-19th century shipwreck in the Baltic Sea was found to contain a number of intact bottles of booze. Among the cargo of the ship that had set sail from Copenhagen on route to St. Petersburg were bottles of champagnes, and until one bottle exploded on the deck of the salvage ship, it was thought that all 145 bottles were vintage champagne from between 1800 and 1825. See more »

 People dress as pandas at a Chinese bear habitat

They are, without doubt, very cute bears, but pandas are also exceedingly gullible. Such a case is presented by a recent article from UK's Daily Mail about employees at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Center in China, who have taken to dressing up in giant panda costumes in an effort to cut down -- or reduce entirely in the cubs' minds -- the interaction the pandas have with humans. See more »

 Podcast Goodness: Only Children in the Cannonball Run

He crept up to the laptop, baseball bat at his side, with a steely reluctance, unsure if his reticence was deserved or if the blog was in fact... innocent of its crime. With no time to explore the nature of guilt and innocence, he raised the bat like a rail worker slinging hot iron, and destroyed his techno-foe with a single, focused strike. Behold, it is time for podcast goodness! See more »

 Shot in the Gut? Pretending You're Rich Will Ease the Pain

All you wanted was a gallon of milk, but noooo, you had to end up an innocent victim in an armed robbery. The door swings to and fro on its hinges in a lessening pendulum after your assailant has made his way off into the night, ski mask still on his head, sawed-off shotgun still in hand. You noted he was just under six feet tall -- huh, those markers along the door frames really do work. Everything is still, you suspect the convenience store clerk is dead. All you hear is the buzzing of the gaudy fluorescent lights overhead. See more »

 China's Ghost Brides: Dyin' for a Man

I don't know if it's because my heart's been all swoll, but I find the traditional Chinese practice of ghost brides particularly charming. Back in the mid-20th century, Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution did everything it could to rid China of its traditions and mythology, including the practice of marrying a dead girl to a dead single man. The Telegraph reports that the custom is making a resurgence these days, especially among rural Chinese. See more »

 Tanks for the Memories, China: Today's the 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre

Chuck and I found out recently from a SYSK listener in China that our blog is banned there. It's a weird honor, even if it is just because some Chinese bot picked up a series of words we strung together that happened to be flagged. I suspect it was Chuck's post on coasteering. See more »