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SYSK Follow-Up: Typhoid Mary

Hey, folks. We get a lot of follow up stories sent to us from people who find updates on our show episodes. It's pretty cool - many times a mystery is solved or a medical breakthrough has been unearthed. We love it when people send us this stuff because we like to be kept in the know and it usually provides a nice little cherry on top of the podcast sundae. Since we rarely read this stuff on the air, I thought I might start following up on the blog here whenever we get this stuff. Sound good?

So today we got an email alerting us to some news on TYPHOID MARY. Remember her? She was the best - a spunky little Irish woman who was identified as typhoid fever patient zero in New York City way back in the summer of 1906. She was eventually remanded to medical exile where she lived out the rest of her (healthy) life. Now, scientists believe that have cracked the case as to why Mary did not ever get sick herself. Read this excellent article from the LA Times if you're interested in learning the secret and look out for more follow-ups in the near future.

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