The Best Stuff We've Read This Week

Josh Clark

Angels & Demons. This extremely long piece from the St. Petersburg Times took a while to get through, not just because of its word count but because of the extremely dismal nature of the article, a triple sexual assault and homicide of a mother and her two daughters while on vacation in Florida. The article, from 1997, is an exhaustive, comprehensive examination of the crime, the investigation and the trial that followed. Difficult to be sure, but worth reading.

The bond between medical students and their cadavers. On the KevinMD medical blog, medical student Emily Howard writes a short open letter to the cadaver she used to study for his contribution to her education.

The Martian Chroniclers. Writing in the New Yorker, author Burkhard Bilger surveys the past six decades of Mars exploration and brings up up to date about the current effort. Strangely, the article simultaneously wins and loses points for the peculiar potty-mouthed rockabilly aerospace engineer in charge of the decent, entry and landing team for the Mars Curiosity Rover mission.