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Pretty Neat: Dove Uses Police Sketches To Show Women They're Their Own Worst Critics

It's nice to see a company discarding cynicism in advertising and taking up something that contributes to the betterment of humanity, even if it is ultimately to sell stuff.

Case in point, Dove recently released the Real Beauty Sketches campaign wherein an average woman, largely unaware that she harbors a generally bummed concept of how she appears, is paired with a police sketch artist. The artist can't see the woman and listens as she describes how she looks. He completes a sketch based on her description. Afterward, the woman is introduced to a group of strangers who later take turns describing her to the police artist, who creates a second sketch. As the mini-documentary for the series shows, the ones where the woman described herself are far less attractive than the ones that was produced based on the strangers' descriptions.

The series, replete with a heavy ethereal soundtrack and newly-conscious people, is touching. Dove do good.

And if police sketches float your boat, here's our podcast episode on the subject.

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