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An Open Gallery of Great Fan Theories

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 Courtesy Flavorwire
Courtesy Flavorwire

One of the things that makes watching movies and TV enjoyable is figuring out what the director or writer is trying to say, the real meaning, right? We've learned that even better than that sometimes is an understanding that goes even beyond the creator's intent, what's known as a fan theory. At its best fan theories can take a so-so work and make it enjoyable, as is the case with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theory that Will dies on the playground in the fight described in the opening song and the series that follows takes place in heaven. Fan theories can take a show designed for kids and make it adult, like the theory that Spongebob and his friends are mutants that resulted from atomic testing at the Bikini Atoll or that the actions in Rugrats all take place in Angela's head and are all based on children who've died. But once in a while someone -- or a group of people -- puts great thought into what's really going on in a work of art and produces something that rivals the work itself. We've compiled a few of these into a list for your amusement here. This list will remain open, so feel free to leave your suggestions for additions in the comments section. And thanks to all the peoplefollowing us on Twitter, who gave us some great suggestions to get this list started.

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