Flash update on jackalopes and rogue taxidermy

Josh Clark

I got to an article recently by way of two of my favorite sites, Fortean Times (whose purpose is to carry on the work of the esteemed Charles Fort) and Doubtful News. I finally made it to an article published on BillingsGazette.com, a site for which I have no special feelings one way or the others.

As the article puts it, Dave Edwards, a Wyoming state representative who died this year, (and who is described as having a larger-than-life personality; you know how much gaffawing and backslapping you'd have to carry out to stand out in a state like Wyoming?) had a real thing for jackalopes. So much so he introduced a bill to have them observed as the official mythical creature of Wyoming. The bill died, but it's being championed again in Edwards' honor by his colleagues. It's pretty much a sure thing it's going to pass.

I'd like to have a jackalope license plate, sure, so I hope Wyoming passes the bill. But my real takeaway was that jackalopes are much bigger than I had realized. According to Rep. Edwards' daughter, who is ostensibly more familiar with jackalopes than me:

"They're pretty much the size of a pony. A saddle wouldn't fit them so you have to be really crafty about riding them."

Had no idea.

In case you didn't know this has a lot to do with our taxidermy episode, particularly the part on rogue taxidermy. And if you like the idea of cobbling nonexistent animals out of the carcasses of other, realer animals, you should really check out the work of Angela Singer, who elevates rogue taxidermy to a genuine art form.

And, lastly, here's a video of a squirrel dancing to a song by one of SYSK's official house bands, Hijackalope: