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Chuck and Josh's Big Week of Taking over the Internet

So we've been kind of huge this week, with a whole lot of video coming out featuring none other than Chuck and me. To prevent you from having to search for any of it, I've compiled links to it all here so all you have to do is click said links, kick back and be amazed at our prowess in front of small, affordable digital cameras with video capability and studio audiences of 60 or less.

Up first, our behind the scenes clip show (we still, with the season finale of our TV show, haven't named this video series yet and by now probably never will), wherein we discuss a scene from the time travel episode of our TV show:

Here is a link to a video of us answering all manner of questions during a visit to our friend Joe Randazzo's breathtakingly powerful media empire, ThingX.

And here is a link to a video of us freaking out undeclared germophobe Jeff Probst on his talk show with revelations about how dirty his and the whole lot of youse homes are.

And, lastly - Separated at birth?!:

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