bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Each week, Josh and Chuck read tons of material and a lot of it is really good. Here’s the best of the bunch. Read more ›

bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Oh boy! Josh and Chuck have another list of the best articles they read this week, just for you and your spongy brain. Read more ›

Round-up of Newsish Items to Start Your Week Off Right!

Will the bounty from the Bradley Manning WikiLeaks cables ever end? The New York Times has a pretty awesome article from Sunday about shadow pathways to the Internet that the U.S. government is funding and supporting. The concept is pretty

Florida Did Not Accidentally Outlaw Sex; or, How Slow Weekend News Cycles Work

(Please excuse the subject matter; this post is on media criticism, not really on illegal and corrupt sex acts.) Infrequent, it is when the topic of zoophilia makes the news cycle. Which is what makes the news cycle during the

Persona Management Software: A little birdie created your opinion

A Daily Kos post by Happy Rockefeller about the recent tearing back of the flesh of the media that has revealed the very real propaganda that makes up much of its sinew and tissue — the result of the work

50 Cent’s Pump and Dump Twitter Scheme

I’m having trouble figuring out if the rapper 50 Cent is guilty of insider trading for his big stock tip over the weekend. Mr. Cent (or Mr. Jackson, your pick) used his rather large Twitter following (about 3.8 million) to

Indonesian Disaster Adviser Twitter Account Hacked: Tsunami Tomorrow

The Jakarta Globe reports that the Twitter account of Andi Arief, the government adviser for disaster management and social affairs, was hacked on Thursday. Someone managed to hijack the adviser’s account, @AndiAriefNew, and send a message to his 8,500 followers:

Twitter Brand Social Media, Now Available in New Delicious Persistent Vegetative State Formula

So I’m definitely not the tech writer around here, which is why I’ll write about the sociological implications of Twitter rather than any technology behind it. That and I’m afraid of Chris Pollette and Jonathan Strickland following me into the

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