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How Liz Taylor Tangentially Relates to Transhumanism

The death of Elizabeth Taylor got me to thinking that it’s probably a good thing that Michael Jackson didn’t live to see her die. Based on past interviews, I’m not sure that he would have handled it very well. At

Why You Should Go Ahead and Practice Kneeling Before Your Posthuman Masters Now

There’s a battle being waged in the field of bioethics that I hadn’t heard of recently. The transhuman movement, dedicated to using technology to effectively remove humanity from the grips of the genetic crap shoot that is evolution, is caught

Transhumanism Continues to Pop Up and So I Feel Obliged to Replace My Supernumerary Third Arm With a Real One

You know how sometimes extrausual concepts that don’t really fit with your worldview often have a way of popping back up again and again until you finally stop and pay attention? (Laughing rats and the fact that I have a

“Children’s immortality”; “transhumanism”; “Bernard Madoff”

Eeaaarrrrrly this morning, I perused search terms in Google to see what was going down this March 24. I found that the most searched term was “children’s immortality.” At about 11 p.m. last night the term shot up like a

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