horizontal rim Chuck’s Movie Reviews: Pacific Rim

Hey, folks – we continue the summer movie review spectacular this week with PACIFIC RIM, the latest release from uber-nerd and master filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. I should start this review by pointing out that I’m not into 3-D at

Podcast Goodness: Those Sneaky Counterfeiting Twins

Hello there, folks. Hope everyone had a good enough week in your neck of the galaxy. This week was a little different because Joshers is in Japan. That means no recording and a little extra time on my hands, which

T-Shirt Contest – The Real One!

Hey there, folks. So we kind of jumped the gun with the t-shirt contest – go figure. We get excited sometimes, you understand. Well, now it has officially begun in earnest. I’ll post a link below with the official long

Podcast Goodness: Stealing Lego Art

Good gravy, fine folks of the SYSK Army. It’s been another crazy week here at HQ. That makes two in a row. I don’t know if my old bones can take much more of this. My air conditioning is broken

Podcast Goodness: Cliff Diving Geniuses

Oy vey. I got up early this morning and wrote what I thought was a pretty stellar podcast recap for you fine folks. We have a booger of a show to record later today so I made sure I got

Podcast Goodness: PAIN – Yours, Others and Everything in Between

Holy mackerel, people. What a crazy week it’s been here at the SYSK HQ. I can’t get into everything here, but let’s just say it’s been an exciting and terrifying time here for team SYSK. Don’t worry, nothing bad is

Podcast Goodness: Desertification and Zoos

Hi there, friends. Chuck here with the weekly podcast wrap-up. Since I typically start off with a little bit of what kind of things are going on in Atlanta meteor-logically speaking, let me just say that we’ve been awash in

Podcast Goodness: Hiccups at Mickey D’s

Sorry I’m a little late here on the podcast roundup, folks. Yesterday was a rough one and I was lucky to make it out of the office in one piece. How’s everyone out there doing this week/weekend? Things are looking

Podcast Goodness: Urban Planning Taxidermists

Hello there, and a big old salute to the SYSK Army from Lance Corporal Chuckers. No, I surprisingly haven’t risen in the ranks here in my own Army – how sad. Field General Clark has a firm grip on promotions

Podcast Goodness: Carbon Trading Fascists!

And a fine how do you do to you and yours. Here I am prepping to go out of town on a bona-fide vacation and yet the podcast goodness recap must happen. Yes, this time next week the wife and

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