bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Every week, Josh and Chuck read tons of material. Here they share with you the best of the bunch. Enjoy it in good health. Read more ›

Why not just hate the pushy psychology brochures?

Humans don’t like being pushed around, especially when it’s some pencil neck psychology brochure doing the pushing and it’s telling them not to hate another group. This is America, you can’t tell an American who not to hate!Read more ›

Why Comparing Japan to New Orleans is Disingenuous

Much has been made of the zero reports of looting following the Japanese earthquake, the ensuing tsunami that may have ultimately claimed upwards of 100,000 lives, and the still growing nuclear crisis. This point has often been made with an

Social Media to America: What line between personal and public life?

TechCrunch ran an op-ed piece a couple weeks ago (thanks for the link, LOML) prognosticating that the relentless push of social media will soon be accountable for erasure of the line between business reputation and real life reputation. The bottom

The Difference Between a Sociopath and a Psychopath

Chemical Ali was hanged yesterday in Iraq. He was the cousin of Saddam Hussein. Under his cousin’s regime, Ali Hassan al-Majid ordered and orchestrated, among other things, the 1988 chemical weapons drops that killed 5,000 of his own Kurdish countrymen.

Sociology and Psychology to Leg Wrestle for Total Domination of Serial Killing

There is a massive, albeit subtle to those of us not really paying attention, grab being made by the field of sociology right now. The social science is making a move to wrestle control of the study of murder from

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