Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: Roger Williams’ For Your Eyes Only

It turns out themes from James Bond films lend themselves well to schmaltz. In this case, schmaltz legend and piano maestro Roger Williams, who built a lifelong career on easy feelings, processes Sheena Easton’s rendition of the theme song to

Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: Marvin Hamlisch’s Ride to Atlantis

Josh loves music that seems to make other people uncomfortable. Here’s a recent example.Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: David Rose’s Where is the Love

David Rose took a 1970s easy listening hit and gooified it. He should be honored for it.Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: Don Ho’s Little Grass Shack

Don Ho was a pretty great entertainer. Get to know him a little better right here. Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: Richard Clayderman’s Nadia’s Theme

Josh has created another post of schmaltz. You can learn to appreciate schmaltz by taking a chance here.Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: George Michael’s Careless Whisper

Even George Michael isn’t immune from creating schmaltz with Careless Whisper. Check out this post about Careless Whisper, okay?Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_landi Appreciating Schmaltz: Fatback Band’s Groovy Kind of Day

Even funk band Fatback created schmaltz. Check out this post about the Fatback song Groovy Kind of Day.Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_hppro Appreciating Schmaltz: Les Baxter’s Jungle Flower

Les Baxter is a pioneer of the lounge music known as exotica. Read about Les Baxter in this blog post from Stuff You Should Know.Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_landi Appreciating Schmaltz: Percy Faith’s Ebb Tide

Percy Faith takes on Ebb Tide. Read about Percy Faith’s performance of Ebb Tide in this post from Stuff You Should Know.Read more ›

Appreciating-schmaltz_landi Appreciating Schmaltz: John Fox Orchestra’s Make it With You

The John Fox Orchestra performs Bread’s “Make It With You.” Read about the John Fox Orchestra and Bread in this post from SYSK.Read more ›

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