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Lending Crises and Haircuts

There’s this excellent recent analogy just sitting there staring us in the face as a perfectly good answer to the question of whether cutting or increasing spending is viable solution to our debt crisis that’s creating such acrimony among Congress

The Grocery Store No Longer a Sanctuary but a Place of Harsh Betrayal

Anyone who’s opened a bag of delicious Goldfish™-brand cracker lately knows the sting of undiluted disappointment. Something is rotten in Denmark as far as retail food goes. Little by little the contents within are shrinking, while the bag — and

Banks’ Bad Commercial Loans Might Trigger the Great Recession II, The Sequel

Americans suck at saving money. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that last October consumers saved a whopping 4.4 percent of our disposable income. I’m not being facetious; that really is a whopping number. Back in June 2005, we saved

It Pays to Haggle

Hey there, folks. Josh and I have talked about haggling before in our podcast, about how pretty much anything price is negotiable if you have the guts to ask. Most people think that prices in regular stores are set in

Name Your Price Restaurant Rakes in the Dough

I came an interesting little tidbit yesterday on A cafe owner in Kettering, Ohio has a new pricing policy — pay what you feel like the meal is worth. It sounds crazy, but his business is actually thriving with

Is your job your biggest asset?

Time Magazine is running a great article at the moment called “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” Items two through nine are pretty interesting, but what caught my eye was what stood tall in the number one position –

Recession to end in 2009?

Yesterday on “60 Minutes” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke went out on a limb and predicted that the economy here in America will edge out of the current recession by the end of 2009 and begin to rebuild itself over

New Penny for Your Thoughts? How About $0.017?

The new pennies in circulation got us thinking — how much does it cost to make a penny and is it worth it? The debate has been around for a while now and we want to know if you like

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