bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Each week, Chuck and Josh read tons of articles. Here are the best of the bunch. Enjoy them with our compliments. Read more ›

bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Each week Josh and Chuck read a ton of stuff. Here is the best of the bunch for your enjoyment. Read more ›

Breaking News!! President Obama’s SOTU Address Draws Mixed Reaction!!

Hello there, people. If you’re like me, then you enjoy watching the good old State of the Union Address. They’ve been a dependable source of entertainment for me since I was a kid, even before I got into politics. There

YOU LIE: Congressman Gets Medieval on President Obama

Boy oh boy, things have gotten pretty ugly in Washington. As most of you have probably heard, many of you live as it happened, a Republican House member last night shouted “YOU LIE” at President Obama during his speech on

ACLU Fights for Public Nudity

Well, sort of. This whole thing stems from a group of Denver, Colorado pranksters who take part in the annual “Naked Pumpkin Run” through Denver on Halloween. Participants wear pumpkins on their heads, but little else as they dash through

Big, Gay Elephant Under Fire From Polish Politician. How’s that for a catchy headline?

I can’t get over the haunting concept described by zoologist Richard Dawkins’ hypothesis that we humans are merely vessels for our genes, which both use and control us. Everything from our hair color, to our HDL cholesterol levels, to our

Hello, Dalai? Not So Much

There’s a peace conference taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa this week with a notable no-show — the Dalai Lama. reports that South Africa has denied a visa for the Dalai to pay a visit to the country. The

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