On the Flimsy Nature of Money

It will soon become apparent that I have been reading the Economist. I was reading the Economist today when I was granted a flash, a fleeting glimpse, at insight into the tenuousness hold on reality that we give money. There

Regulating Speculation; or, Economics is a Soft Science at Best

It frightens and confuses me that the field of economics, a discipline that we as a nation put such thorough and abiding stock into to make large, sweeping decisions that affect everyone, like how to allocate health care among Americans

Podcast Goodness: Oil Speculation

Greetings podcast family, it’s Chuck here with a little podcast goodness recap — a chance for you to share your stories with the world! Yesterday’s show was about oil speculation and to be honest it kind of made my head

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obama’s Energy Security Plan

President Obama outlined his points for achieving energy security in Georgetown today after touring a UPS hub in Landover, Maryland, home of the Capital Centre, the site of what is arguably the finest show the Grateful Dead has ever played

The Kardashev Scale: Why Human Smugness in any Form is Embarrassing

I was reading an article about what Earth will look like in 5,000 years by Mr. Robert Lamb, arguably the best writer to inhabit a cubicle here at, and, as is the way things go recently, I noticed that

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