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Corporate Tax Policy and the White House Tax Cut Calculator

So I’m working for the White House again. It’s a big time season for Obama: He’s just announced his candidacy for 2012, he’s launched his new energy security policy and now that tax time is upon us he’s looking to

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Obama’s Energy Security Plan

President Obama outlined his points for achieving energy security in Georgetown today after touring a UPS hub in Landover, Maryland, home of the Capital Centre, the site of what is arguably the finest show the Grateful Dead has ever played

Is the U.S. a banana republic? No. No, it’s not.

Business Insider has an unsettling announcement. America has slipped into one of the defining characteristics of a banana republic: The wealthiest 1 percent make 20 percent or more of the wealth in the country. It’s 24 percent, actually. Geez, I

A Brief, Violent and Painful Look at Kneecapping

A group of four kids coming home from the bars near my neighborhood last weekend were held up by some other kids, one of whom had a gun. While three (including two girls) were pistol whipped, one was shot in

Breaking News!! President Obama’s SOTU Address Draws Mixed Reaction!!

Hello there, people. If you’re like me, then you enjoy watching the good old State of the Union Address. They’ve been a dependable source of entertainment for me since I was a kid, even before I got into politics. There

YOU LIE: Congressman Gets Medieval on President Obama

Boy oh boy, things have gotten pretty ugly in Washington. As most of you have probably heard, many of you live as it happened, a Republican House member last night shouted “YOU LIE” at President Obama during his speech on

Man Legally Carries Assault Rifle to Obama Protest

This one is sure to provoke some strong opinions. An Arizona man brought his assault rifle to a protest against President Obama’s health care plan yesterday in Phoenix. The President was there giving a speech to a veterans group. The

President Obama Hosts Sudsy Sit Down

I’m sure most of you have heard about the recent incident involving a Harvard professor and the Cambridge Police Dept. If not, in a nutshell: A woman reported to police that two men seemed to be breaking into a house.

What the heck is an earmark, anyway?

Smell that stank in the air? That porky smell means it’s appropriation bill season, fiscal year ’09! Yeah! The season came late this year. It didn’t seem like it would come at all. Congress waited until George Bush went back

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