, The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Great articles on currency as art, a murder-solving lunch club, travel journalism and more.Read more ›

College Majors and How They Pay

When I went to college I decided to major in English, largely because the two things I ever really enjoyed were reading and writing. Seemed like a no-brainer. And since my parents were both educators I always kind of thought

Everything We’ve Done This Week

Here is everything we’ve released this week, wrapped up into one neat blog post. We hope you enjoy it. READING: Coolest Thing Ever About a bicycle powered treehouse elevator Growing a Human Brain in a Lab: We’re There Now A

On the Flimsy Nature of Money

It will soon become apparent that I have been reading the Economist. I was reading the Economist today when I was granted a flash, a fleeting glimpse, at insight into the tenuousness hold on reality that we give money. There

Podcast Goodness: Those Sneaky Counterfeiting Twins

Hello there, folks. Hope everyone had a good enough week in your neck of the galaxy. This week was a little different because Joshers is in Japan. That means no recording and a little extra time on my hands, which

Money the Cause of Most People’s Stress – Surprise!

A new poll was released this week by Reader’s Digest (I know) that revealed the major causes of stress for people in 16 different countries. The majority of the folks listed money, which I’m assuming means a lack thereof. I

It Pays to Haggle

Hey there, folks. Josh and I have talked about haggling before in our podcast, about how pretty much anything price is negotiable if you have the guts to ask. Most people think that prices in regular stores are set in

Shot in the Gut? Pretending You’re Rich Will Ease the Pain

All you wanted was a gallon of milk, but noooo, you had to end up an innocent victim in an armed robbery. The door swings to and fro on its hinges in a lessening pendulum after your assailant has made

Marijuana Tax to Save the Economy!

Some number crunchers out in California (natch) have come up with some compelling financial arguments for legalizing, and in turn taxing the crud out of the little plant the U.S. government loves to hate. An owner of two medical marijuana

Name Your Price Restaurant Rakes in the Dough

I came an interesting little tidbit yesterday on A cafe owner in Kettering, Ohio has a new pricing policy — pay what you feel like the meal is worth. It sounds crazy, but his business is actually thriving with

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