Microlending Exploitation Blamed for Ritual Honor Suicides

The spirit of Muhammad Yunus is taking yet another beating. Chuck and I have written in defense of the concept and practice of microlending before, despite its flaws; chiefly, that there are inscrupulous microfinance companies that take advantage of the

Free Toaster When You Open a PennyPincher (TM) Goat Savings Account

If money is the root of all evil and goats are the incarnate of evil, then why not use them interchangably? Well, you can. Some enterprising entrepreneurs in rural Korawan, India have established a bank that maintains goats as currency.

Why We Microlend at Team SYSK (Part II)

It’s unusual to be involved in something we’ve podcasted on. We’ve done a podcast on Muppets, and while both of us know live-hand puppets like Ernie from Sesame Street are operated, neither one of us have ever had our hand

Why We Microlend at Team SYSK (Part I)

We remember the first time we came across Mohammad Yunus. It was when we recorded a podcast based on an article on microlending Josh wrote for HowStuffWorks. Awesome, we thought; this story has a hero. If you haven’t read the

Podcast Goodness: Geocaching and Microloans

Goooooood Morning Vietnam! I’m assuming we have some listeners from Vietnam — sorry to exclude the rest of you. I hope everyone in the SYSK Nation has had an inspiring week. The weather has broken somewhat here in Atlanta, and

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