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Each week Josh and Chuck read tons of articles and plenty of them are really good. Here are the best of the bunch. Read more ›

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Every week, Chuck and Josh read tons of articles. Here are links to the best of the bunch.Read more ›

The Carter Center Rocks My World

Hey folks. About once a month we have guests come by and speak to the editorial staff about their line of work. It’s called the “staff enrichment lecture series,” and was started by Fan Stuff’s Tracy Wilson. We’ve had professionals

Beach Sand Bugs Make You Poop

Thank you, American Journal of Epidemiology, for alerting the world to the dangers of bugs burrowed in the sand of beaches we love. That’s just what we needed — something else to worry about. A study published in said journal

Have a Heart — If You Can Find It

So this slightly disturbing survey came out yesterday on The medical journal “BMC Family Practice” surveyed 722 Britons (people from England) about where various body organs where located. The participants were shown four body diagrams with the organs depicted

We’re All Going to Die Someday — Because of Our Radioactive Toasters

If one is so inclined, one may look around and find all manner of everyday threats to our health. There is bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic water bottles (a recent Harvard study found that people drinking from these bottles for a

Swine Flu Causes Gas Prices to Drop?

The word is officially out on the swine flu and the danger it could potentially cause the human race. Our science bloggers Robert and Allison have done a nice job covering the issue so far here and here so I

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