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Guatemala Parte 3.1 – El último de los Mayas

This post comes to you from the comforts of my home, where I am, at last, coming around a bit. Seems that my saying, “I can’t believe I didn’t get sick” at the airport was indeed the jinx I thought

Guatemala Parte 3.2 – Casa Sano y Salvo

Antigua — gringo tourists everywhere (myself included of course), markets with really inexpensive handmade goods, bars, restaurants, hostels and hotels. Apparently there’s Guatemala’s first and only winery as well. We checked into the unbelievably gorgeous Villas Colonial and had a

Strife and Sacrifice in Guatemala; or, Heading Out

So it’s extremely difficult to visit Guatemala and not feel the creeping sense that one has led a comparatively entitled life. Being an American I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve arisen at three in the

Meeting My Patron Saint in Guatemala

It was standing up in the back of a pick up truck, holding onto an A frame, that I was carried to meet my patron saint. Maxiomon, a synchronized saint of Mayan ancestry and Catholic dogma. At Lake Atitlan, in

SYSK Takes the Show on the Road…to Guatemala

Hello there, folks. We’ve been sitting on this to keep from jinxing it, but we wanted to let everyone know about a special opportunity that team SYSK is partaking in. A few months ago a very nice person named Ann,

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