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Top Biofuel #1: Wait For It… Switchgrass!

Let’s put this puppy to bed, shall we? Coming in at the number one spot, eclipsing all others, ladies and gentlemen — I give you switchgrass. Switchgrass is a warm season grass, nothing more than a prairie weed. But just

Top Biofuel #2: Jatropha

On today’s list of top biofuels, we have jatropha. I bet dollars to donuts that most of you haven’t heard of this one, and I hadn’t either until I started to dig in and do some research. Here’s the skinny

Top 5 Biofuel #3: Sugar Cane

Today’s entry in the top 5 biofuels spectacular is good old sugar cane. If you’re into producing sugar cane, then there’s a 45 percent chance you’re Brazilian. They produce about that much of the world’s ethanol from the cane. And

Top 5 Biofuels #4: Rapeseed/Canola

Today’s entry into the top 5 biofuels sweepstakes is rapeseed. This mustard green is also known as oilseed and canola. Though it is indeed and leafy green, it’s largely grown for it’s seeds, which are about 40 percent oil. China

Top 5 Biofuels! Yeah, you heard me.

OK, people. Who’s ready to talk biofuel? This guy, that’s who. First, how about a biofuel lesson that everyone can easily understand? When fuel is burned, it releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. CO2 is a good thing in

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