bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Each week, Chuck and Josh read tons of articles. Here are the best of the bunch. Enjoy them with our compliments. Read more ›

kosher_marshmallow_label Why it Says “Pareve” on Your Food Label, Explained

We are getting to the bottom of the mysterious word Pareve on the labels of your food in an effort to make you a more worldly type. No need to thank us. Read more ›

Food Trucks begat Diners; or, What’s old is new again

Sometimes things come so clearly full circle that it’s elegant. An excellent case in point and the only one I can think of right now is the current trend toward buying one’s gourmet hotdogs and tacos from food trucks. It’s

So Many Uneaten Spoonfuls of Lard, All Wasted

There’s a very important part of good science, that correlation does not prove causation. To give a crude example, if I’m eating an ice cream cone and a chimp passing by on his way back to the circus goes out

The Grocery Store No Longer a Sanctuary but a Place of Harsh Betrayal

Anyone who’s opened a bag of delicious Goldfish™-brand cracker lately knows the sting of undiluted disappointment. Something is rotten in Denmark as far as retail food goes. Little by little the contents within are shrinking, while the bag — and

Japan Pays Homage to America’s Cities, Guts with Line of Burgers

It seems like all of the best food is found abroad. It is true, we have fried pickles, Fool’s Gold sandwiches, Buffalo wings, 1/2-lb. Cheesy Potato Burritos, corned beef hash, doughnuts. So, well, we do have pretty good food here

Factory Farmin’: Wakey, Wakey, Eggs N Bakey (Are Suffering)

I fear we are becoming jaded. Animal rights groups have virtually given up pressing a vegetarian lifestyle onto meat eaters and instead these days pick the decidedly more narrow battle of convincing us to eat meat that’s raised responsibly, since

Loss of Bees Could Mean Loss of Crops, Life for Humans

After having recorded a podcast on colony collapse disorder in January, I’ve felt a lot like I really have my finger on the pulse of the global bee population. My eyes are open. Thanks to Xenophilia for posting a recent

The New Reason Why Your Mother Doesn’t Want You Wasting Food

Probably nothing characterizes excessive consumption at the American dinner table more than the strange and frequent phenomenon of how being uncomfortably full of food can dampen the sound of a mother’s voice articulating the idea that kids in China would

A New Theory of Human Evolution: Come and Get It

Who exactly was the first person to realize that one could pluck an unfertilized egg from beneath a hen, crack it and spill its contents into a hot pan and eat it? What was the context where the event took

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