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Michael Jackson, Perpetual Energy and the Saving of the Earth

There is no big shortage of guys in search of cheap, abundant, free energy. We are, after all, going to eventually run out of fossil fuels — if we haven’t already — and we will require something to keep the

Be a Lazy, Unimaginative Schmuck, Destroy Civilization — Simple as That

Here’s a really good reason why you should think for yourself: if you don’t, civilization as we know it will crumble and the streets will run red with the blood of the innocent. So that second part was fabricated, yes.

Cash For Clunkers: Yet Another Testament to Congress’ Ability to Write Bills With Delightful Names

Oooo, lordy, I love it when the liberals are in power. I’m about to make me a cool $4,500 from the federal government. NPR was all atwitter on the way in to work with news of the Cash for Clunkers

Top Biofuel #1: Wait For It… Switchgrass!

Let’s put this puppy to bed, shall we? Coming in at the number one spot, eclipsing all others, ladies and gentlemen — I give you switchgrass. Switchgrass is a warm season grass, nothing more than a prairie weed. But just

Top Biofuel #2: Jatropha

On today’s list of top biofuels, we have jatropha. I bet dollars to donuts that most of you haven’t heard of this one, and I hadn’t either until I started to dig in and do some research. Here’s the skinny

Top 5 Biofuels #4: Rapeseed/Canola

Today’s entry into the top 5 biofuels sweepstakes is rapeseed. This mustard green is also known as oilseed and canola. Though it is indeed and leafy green, it’s largely grown for it’s seeds, which are about 40 percent oil. China

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