bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Every week, Josh and Chuck read tons of material. Here they share with you the best of the bunch. Enjoy it in good health. Read more ›

bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Each week, Josh and Chuck read tons of material and a lot of it is really good. Here’s the best of the bunch. Read more ›

bestreading_hppromo The Best Stuff We’ve Read This Week

Every week, Chuck and Josh read tons of articles. Here are links to the best of the bunch. Read more ›

1491 and the Death of Easter Island

I had my face mashed into a fat, squishy bunch of tissue by the collective hand of all the listeners who called me out for saying a number of episodes back that humanity had never been so laid to waste

Once You’re Dead Long Enough You Belong to the World

In museums, research facilities and universities throughout the world, there are tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of human remains held in collection. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History alone has more than 18,500 human remains in its collection. Most

Scientists Form Pasty-skinned Human Chain Around Unaffiliated Native American Remains

Did you know there’s still a Bureau of Indian Affairs in the United States and that it’s active and it’s still called the Bureau of Indian Affairs? It’s true. The BIA is currently led by a member of the Pawnee

A New Theory of Human Evolution: Come and Get It

Who exactly was the first person to realize that one could pluck an unfertilized egg from beneath a hen, crack it and spill its contents into a hot pan and eat it? What was the context where the event took

Be a Lazy, Unimaginative Schmuck, Destroy Civilization — Simple as That

Here’s a really good reason why you should think for yourself: if you don’t, civilization as we know it will crumble and the streets will run red with the blood of the innocent. So that second part was fabricated, yes.

How Agriculture Led to War, or, I Keeel You for Your Sweet Potatoes!

The anthropologist named Jared Diamond has gotten loads of press over the past few years for a couple of great books he’s written, “Guns, Germs and Steel” and “Collapse.” It was an essay he wrote back in the 1980s that

Ancient Druids and Cannibalism; Is the Thigh Bone Connected to the Ritual Human Consumption Bone?

Anybody familiar with me can tell you that I love me some cannibalism. I’m fascinated by the concept of eating another person and the psychological fortitude that consumption must entail. I’m also intrigued by the possibility that cannibalism ever existed

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