We’re going to be on the Jeff Probst Show!

POSTED February 27, 2013
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Chuck and I taped a pretty long segment for the Jeff Probst Show, hosted by the one and only Jeff Probst, appropriately enough. Chuck and I talked about the five-second rule, which led into a pretty expansive discussion about how bacteria is everywhere. We kind of freaked the studio audience out a little bit, and we didn’t get a chance to mention that bacteria tends to be more helpful than harmful before we moved on to the origin of handshakes and the reasons why wine glasses are shaped the way they are. So there are about 60 people out there who are wandering around as newly-minted germophobes. Aside from that everything went great.

Check us out on the show on Thursday, February 28. The show is syndicated, so check your local listings and the like to find out what time we’ll be on your TV. And if you miss it, the show runs full episodes on its website, so check it out there too.

Here’s a link to the video promo.

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