Appreciating Schmaltz: Percy Faith’s Ebb Tide

POSTED January 28, 2013
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Just a half a below the schmaltzy Hawaiian music Ned Flanders tunes his radio to when he drives himself to the mental hospital after losing it on the rest of the people of Springfield, Percy Faith’s take on the standard Ebb Tide is just as calming. The song also has lyrics and is about a man who compares the calm he feels in his love’s arms to the calm of the sea as it gently brushes the shore at ebb tide. I feel like Percy Faith, one of the schmaltz greats of all time, does a better job of capturing this sentiment than did Frank Chacksfield, another schmaltz legend, whose rendition is more possibly more famous than Percy Faith’s. Chacksfield went a little over the top by adding the seagull effects at the beginning of his, I feel. Schmaltz may be laid on thick by definition, but it doesn’t require a hammer, you know? It is also in the ear of the beholder, so in case you may enjoy Chacksfield’s version more, here it is too:


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